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Pregnancy & Children

How does being pregnant affect my treatment?

Because some objects - like bacteria, for example can cross the placenta, the Department of Health advises dentists that putting in or removing amalgam fillings during pregnancy should be avoided. This is purely as a precautionary measure as there is no evidence that a pregnant mother's fillings can affect her baby.

Are dental x-rays harmful to my unborn baby?

There is a very slight risk to your unborn child, which is why it is vital that you tell your dentist even if you only think you might be pregnant.

Is dental treatment free when I am pregnant?

NHS dental treatment is free to pregnant women and for the first year after your baby's born. All you need to do is take a MatB1 certificate or NHS prescription maternity exemption certificate to your dentist as proof. You can get these either from your GP or from a registered midwife via form FW8. Follow this link for further information

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